Jemima J. Jones in Addiction
17 February 2018

What Happened in the Summer of 1970

For those of us at the Isle of Wight Festival in 1970 we saw what we thought were new horizons, ’peace and love the world over and an end to war’ at the very least. We were I think naive.


Jemima J. Jones in Cannabis
23 November 2017

Gains or Losses in UK Society—A Look at the Legalising of Marijuana Question

Debate it, tweet on it, write books on it, set up petitions for and against it, print newspaper articles about it and generally flood the communication lines via TV, Radio or the newspaper/magazine industry on it but you cannot change the effects this drug has on the human brain.


Fraser Scott in Narconon Success
15 November 2017

One of the Things I’m Proudest About in My Family

I have two members of my family who got all the way through school, one private, one public, without touching any drugs, because of talks I had with them when they were quite young. My first story is about a boy who was eleven at the time…


Jemima J. Jones in Narconon Success
14 November 2017

The Law and Jail Tales

To begin with, you may be under the impression that it is illegal to actually smoke marijuana (cannabis roll your own) or eating it, (as part of a cake recipe or chocolate brownies ingredient. It isn't. What is illegal is to be in possession of it.


Jeremy in Narconon Success
30 October 2017

What Is a Gateway Drug?

A gateway drug is a drug that a person will agree to take for the first time, despite their instinct that it's wrong to do so. At that point they have violated their basic integrity on the subject of drugs, and this can be the first step towards addiction.


Lisa Borg in Addiction
28 February 2017

Drugs and Prison—What Can be Done?

With drugs in prisons recently getting some notice after BBC’s Panorama documentary on HMP Northumberland, it is interesting to note what is being talked about.


Lisa Borg in Narconon Success
26 February 2017

The Beauty of Having a Future Means that I No Longer Have to Die as an Addict

Each day that I lived within addiction killed more of my brain, so that I could not see the wood from the trees. I had no feelings to understand what I have done to my life and continued surviving forgetting the living. I turned into what I can only be described as the walking dead.…


Lisa Borg in Addiction
23 February 2017

Do You Need an Interventionist?

We get many inquiries, from parents or friends who have seemingly tried many options to try and get help for their loved ones, but no matter what is attempted, they just won't accept the help. An interventionist may be exactly what you need.


Lisa Borg in Narconon Success
3 February 2017

A Heroin Addict’s Message

For those still stuck in addiction Here is my admission Crack was my morning, noon and night…


Lisa Borg in Narconon Success
2 February 2017

I Do Not Have to Live My Life by the Confines of the Past

There are certain confines within my brain that tell me that things should be a certain way. I don’t know why I believe that the only way is that way, but it just is, it’s as if I have made a decision in my life that these are the rules but there is not an actual reason behind these rules inside my brain.…