Isolde in Cocaine
24 August 2018

Narconon Saved My Son—A Mother’s Story

Where do I start my story? When my son was about 15/16 years old he started giving us trouble at home. He became volatile, critical and sour to have around. It kind of crept up slowly though—not an overnight thing. He had friends I didn’t like and he lied a lot, which I would find out about later.


Isolde in Cocaine
17 August 2018

UK Cocaine related deaths have more than doubled in the past four years

London, we have a problem. Massive. Actually its not just London. It's Bristol, Manchester, Crawley and many other major urban settings throughout the UK as well. Cocaine related deaths in the UK have more than doubled in the past 4 years.


RJ Ellory in Drug Stories
19 June 2018

Our Greatest Fear: To Walk the Earth Unknown, Unseen, Unremembered

Perhaps our greatest joy is to be found in the life that we invest in others. That is something which will always be out of reach once your life is consumed by drugs.


Fraser Scott in Drug Information
6 April 2018

Other Highs

I’ve surveyed a lot of people who take drugs to find out why they take them and the answers are varied. But typical answers often include relaxation, creativity, escape from boredom and social inclusion.


Samuel in Drug Information
25 March 2018

Fake News

A lot of the drug education—as little as there was at my school, was pretty poor, uninformed and not very educative at all. The perceived lack of understanding from the teachers, parents and thus ‘society’ at large was a major enabler for my friends in taking drugs.


Devin in Drug Information
25 March 2018

University Freshers are Prime Targets for Drug Dealers

New university students, having just finished spending the majority of their life studying and working hard to gain acceptance into the school of their choice, are met with many challenges throughout their university years.


Devin in Ecstasy
24 March 2018

Death by Ecstasy

Ecstasy is one of the most popular party drugs ever to curse mankind. Disguised as “fun” and taken liberally by many club goers, this drug is not what is seems to be.


Fraser Scott in Narconon Success
20 March 2018

Interview with a Narconon Graduate

A candid interview with a Narconon graduate.


Jeremy in Drug abuse
19 March 2018

Is Taking Drugs a Human Right?

Is drug use purely and only a personal choice?


Victoria in Cocaine
15 March 2018

This Will “Blow” You Away

It’s a beautiful day on the beaches of southern Spain. The sun is shinning, the sky is clear. You can see the perfect outline of Gibraltar and Morocco. But the placidity of the water where the Mediterranean Sea meets the Atlantic Ocean is a paradox, when you know what really goes on after sunset.