Ketamine – Is This Really the Way to Have Fun?

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As someone who loves his country and is proud to be British, I’m saddened to see that young people in the UK today are going out to party and using Ketamine which, amongst other things, is a horse tranquilizer but when taken recreationally can turn fun-loving party-goers into hallucinating zombies.

Of course, we in Britain, like everyone else, love music, love to dance, meet the opposite sex, go to clubs and concerts and—all in all—have a lot of fun. Nothing wrong with that—we’ve been doing it for centuries!

But today, the conversation about deciding to have a good night out might well go something like, ‘Hey mate, let’s go clubbing, take some ketty (it’s going for only twenty quid a gram) and maybe even get ourselves into a K-hole and end up unconscious!’

Call that a good night out? Well, it could be—if your idea of a good night out is to fill your body with horse tranquilizer, and instead of dancing around and chatting up the girls, you may well end up wandering around completely switched off from the external world. And, if you take the stuff often enough, you could end up with a severely damaged bladder and kidneys. (Oh, and don’t even think about taking alcohol at the same time, as you could overdose and even die…)

And just to punch the point home, when abused, Ketamine—a drug first synthesized in 1963 and licensed for use in controlled circumstances by doctors as an anesthetic and in the veterinary field as a tranquilizer for horses and other animals—may also cause such things as:

  • Dissociation from body or identity
  • Agitation
  • Depression
  • Difficulty thinking or learning
  • Amnesia
  • Hallucinations
  • Dependence and addiction
Young man under effect of drugs, zombie like

Now, if you’re a parent reading this, you may be rightfully concerned as to whether or not your son or daughter is being exposed to—or actually taking—Ketamine when they go out to clubs, concerts, parties, and so on. Well, watch out for some of the signs listed above as well as for general indicators such as lack of production, lack of actual enjoyment, isolation and increasing depression.

And you might well ask why anyone would even consider taking such a drug.

For some, it could just be for ‘adventure’, or wanting to look cool around one’s peers, but more often than not, the real reason is that abusing such a substance as Ketamine and getting wasted is a way of trying to escape from life’s problems.

Let’s face it: there are many challenges that young people have to deal with as they go through life. How to handle relationships, how to learn the skills needed to hold down a good job, how to make enough money to pay the rent, and so on. The fact is that many people turn to drugs in an attempt to avoid having to confront such worries and stresses. And when that includes going out at the weekend, taking some K and ending up in a mindless state, well, that’s about as smart as pouring petrol on a fire to try to put it out. What starts off as an effort to forget one’s troubles for a while can end up as real trouble, namely, entrapment and drug dependence.

So my question is, do we really want to see today’s youth turned into zombies and being subjected to any of the above? Well, it seems that someone does, given that Ketamine has been made so accessible and is relatively cheap, and more and more young people are being convinced that Ketamine is the way to go to have fun.

Well I for one don’t think it’s the way to go. Britain’s youth deserve better.



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