Narconon UK in Drug Information
20 June 2024

Ketamine – Is This Really the Way to Have Fun?

As someone who loves his country and is proud to be British, I’m saddened to see that young people in the UK today are going out to party and using Ketamine which, amongst other things, is a horse tranquilizer but when taken recreationally can turn fun-loving party-goers into hallucinating zombies.


Alice in Narconon Success
21 March 2024

I Would Do Anything to Turn Back Time and Say No

I did have a good, healthy life once upon a time. I had a happy marriage and three beautiful kids. My work and drive to succeed and provide a good life for my family were out of this world. That’s not anything to brag about, but it is something to be proud of, what one must remember is that this is actually normal.