The Narconon Programme

Recognition & Appreciation

As chronicled in this site, the Narconon programme is based on a broad view of the factors of addiction and attempts to address the whole person—the addiction itself, the underlying causes of the addiction and the need for an entirely new game plan for a life without drugs.

This view is reflected in all aspects of the programme, such as referring to programme participants as students—not patients or victims or addicts. They are students because the goal is to learn the art and technology of living a full and productive life without drugs. They address the unhappiness and damage done to others and thereby are often able to move on from it to build new lives.

The Narconon mindset is that the individual is responsible for the state of his or her own life and has the power to transform it in any way the individual chooses, once freed from addiction through the Narconon programme.

SAMHSA, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, defines the standard for calling a person rehabilitated from addiction: in addition to being drug-free, the individual is gainfully employed, in school or both; engaged in positive relationships with family and friends; not involved in criminal activity; and generally making healthy choices in life matters.

Some of the overwhelming numbers of Narconon graduates who fit this profile, their families and professionals have expressed their opinions on the pages that follow.

Los Angeles County acknowledges Narconon service


“As Chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Substance Abuse, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your organization for the work you have done in fighting substance abuse. Because of the hard-working Narconon programme and other similar organizations, the current ideal of a drug-free society may one day become a reality. The accomplishments of Narconon speak for themselves. The response letters from people who have participated in the programme indicate total support for Narconon. Narconon’s unique approach in helping addicts off of drug dependence at a more rapid than normal rate is remarkable. The fight against substance abuse must be a joint project involving both government and the private sector. I am proud to be associated with Narconon and encourage others to join the fight against substance abuse.” —United States Senator

“The scourge of drugs remains one of the most difficult and vital challenges that our society has yet to overcome. This cycle of hopelessness must not continue, and only through the determined efforts of individuals and organizations such as yours can we prevail in this struggle. For decades, you have been actively involved in helping to prevent drug abuse, and counselling and educating those individuals who have fallen prey to the allure of illicit drugs. Since your founding in 1966, you have expanded to include Narconon centres in countries worldwide, strong evidence that your programmes and methods have proven to be effective.” —Former Governor, State of California

“The results that you obtain are impressive. It has been very positive and instructive to have met some of Narconon’s earlier clients, people who are free from their addiction and have been able to come back to normal work and family life.” —Member of Parliament, Sweden

NY Fire Department acknowledges 9/11 Rescue Workers Detox Project

“The Narconon drug rehabilitation programme implements the solutions developed by Mr. Hubbard and has helped tens of thousands to recover their self-respect and their lives.” —Speaker, House of Representatives, Commonwealth of Puerto Rico

“As Narconon Nepal is doing great work in prevention and rehabilitation in saving the lives of many Nepali people, on behalf of the Ministry of Home Affairs for the Government of Nepal, please accept our sincere thanks for helping to establish and support Narconon Nepal.”—State Minister for Home Affairs, Government of Nepal

“Narconon has distinguished itself over many years in Santa Cruz and Placerville by providing a drug-free approach to rehabilitation. The outstanding programme has addressed the symptoms of drug abuse and helped the students by teaching them skills and responsibility.” —United States Senator

“I am pleased to convey my sincere congratulations to all those associated with your outstanding organization as you celebrate 25 years of providing drug prevention and rehabilitation services to those who need them.” —State Governor, US

City of McAlester, Oklahoma, proclaims Narconon Day

“Our Lt. Governor is particularly knowledgeable and familiar with your programme, and he truly appreciates and supports efforts, like Narconon’s, that seek to help our young people make the right choices in their lives when it comes to drugs and alcohol.” —State Governor, US

“We applaud Mr. L. Ron Hubbard for his research and technology that is helping to save lives from alcohol and drugs locally and internationally.” —City Council Member, US

“Narconon Vista Bay has used its unique programme to help save and restore the lives of countless individuals, along with helping to educate adolescents about the dangers of drug use.” —Lt. Governor, US


“I’ve now put nearly 4,000 individuals through the Hubbard Detoxification Programme. I can say without a doubt that it works. It’s still the only treatment that addresses the effects of accumulated toxins. And there’s nothing else on the horizon.” —Medical Doctor, US

“Narconon is effective in providing a workable alternative in rehabilitation through a uniquely structured programme... As a doctor of medicine, I highly recommend the Narconon programme to those addicted to drugs. Drug addicts go through the Narconon programme and leave drug-free.” —Medical Doctor, Spain

“Narconon has a unique position in the rehabilitation field. It offers addicts a relatively painless drug-free withdrawal—something that most addicts and professionals consider impossible. It has developed effective programmes at no cost to taxpayers, at a time when the [US] government has invested billions of dollars in experimental approaches that have not offered satisfactory solutions.” —Medical Doctor, (Specialised in Addiction Treatment), US

City of Los Angeles recognises Narconon Drug Prevention and Education

“As a medical consultant to Narconon, I have followed literally hundreds of drug addicts in carrying out the Narconon programme of removal and detoxification from drugs. I conclude that the Narconon method is shown to be effective in most cases observed. I would also like to point out that many of the people recovered to a normal life were formerly considered ‘unrecoverable.’” —Medical Doctor and Biologist, Italy

“In the course of my work I have had the opportunity to observe first-hand the results of the Narconon New Life Detoxification, and have found them to be nothing less than miraculous. The common theme expressed by people who have completed the programme is that they are no longer encumbered by chemicals which were shutting off their lives. They express increased mental clarity and new hope for the future. Their lives upon completion of the programme are happier, healthier and more productive.” —Medical Doctor, US

“I have acted as medical consultant to the Narconon programme for 15 years. For the past decade I have studied the results obtained through the use of a detoxification method developed by L. Ron Hubbard, utilizing vitamins, sauna sweat-out and exercise, which is a part of the Narconon programme. Narconon clients, with histories of moderate to extremely heavy substance abuse, show a marked improvement in alertness, clarity of thought and general health by undergoing this treatment. Most also report a substantial reduction in their craving for drugs or alcohol. Published scientific studies of the technique have shown it to be successful in reducing the concentration of a variety of toxins and contaminants in body tissues, and I highly recommend its continuing use as an effective tool in the treatment of addictions.” —Medical Doctor, Canada

“For many years I have dedicated myself to the difficult task of rehabilitating substance abusers. I have studied a variety of systems of rehabilitation and I have concluded that we have in our possession a totally workable programme through Narconon. Over and over, I have seen drug addicts go to the Narconon programme and leave drug-free.” —Medical Doctor, US

London Newspaper Group commends Narconon Programme

“There is not often good news in our struggle with the consequences of alcohol and other drug abuse in our society. I am happy to say that the Narconon programme is good news. I encourage you to review it carefully and consider utilizing it.” —Medical Doctor, US


“Your programme surpasses all others in the area of drug education and knowledge of the physiological and psychological impacts of drugs on the body. The manner by which Narconon makes its presentation to these difficult audiences is outstanding.” —Captain and Commanding Officer, Police Department, US

“The Narconon programme takes addicts off drugs without using any substitute drugs. This means a lot since you have a programme that gets rid of drug addiction in the communities, brings families closer together and handles the crime problem on the streets. I support the Narconon programme and urge you to do so as well.” —Vice Squad Commander

Government of Nepal commends Narconon Drug Rehabilitation


“Your programme has once again helped my company salvage a very valuable employee with a drug or alcohol problem. Rarely does this happen in our company, but when it does, we are glad you’re there. This person was a technician who knew his job well but was starting to destroy his work relationship due to an alcohol and then drug-related problem. Therefore, before quality suffered, we sent him to Narconon. His problem dissolved and his quality and presence of self is there again.” —Business Executive, US

“I have first-hand experience that the technology developed by L. Ron Hubbard used by Narconon Arrowhead is the most effective treatment available. I look forward to working with Narconon Arrowhead in the future.” —Union Executive, US

“The Narconon programme has a 50-year history of drug rehabilitation and education service worldwide. I am proud to befriend such an organization that has saved so many lives and helped countless individuals to become stably drug- free, ethical and productive members of society.” —Nonprofit Organization President and CEO, US

“I write this letter based upon four years as a prosecutor in drugs for the Federal Department of Justice and 13 years on the Provincial Bench of this province. One of the very few functioning organizations successful in the rehabilitation of heroin addicts, in my opinion, is Narconon. Any support which this group can obtain from public funding is, in my opinion, very worthy.” —Provincial Court Judge, Canada