Do You Need an Interventionist?


We get many inquiries, from parents or friends who have seemingly tried many options to try and get help for their loved ones, but no matter what is attempted, they just won't accept the help. An interventionist may be exactly what you need.

An interventionist will come to your home, or the home of the addict, and talk to them about the possibility of help. The first step is really for the addict to see that help is possible, something that actually may be available to them.

To do this an interventionist will slowly figure out what are the right ideas, or ‘buttons’ to push that get the addict really looking at their life and where they want it to go in the future. Doing this and really finding the right areas, should unravel all sorts of emotion that the addict has tied up with using drugs and alcohol.

If these right ideas and troubled areas of life are found and discussed, the intervention will normally be a successful one. It helps the addict see there are areas that need to change and that solutions are available, and what successful outcomes could be there for them.

If the intervention is successful, it is very important to get the addict into rehabilitation as soon as possible. The speed is important while the person is willing to get help. Unfortunately, this window of opportunity is often not very long lasting.

An Interventionist needs to be very caring, tolerant, tough, persistent and willing to break down barriers that will be thrown up such as antagonism and hostility.

If you would like to know more about how we manage interventions or how you can arrange one with us, please call one of our intake coordinators today.


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