Help Those You Know
Before They Die

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We recently did a blog on the number of artists who died in 2016 from drug and alcohol abuse and overdose. A few months earlier a blog on the overdose statistics in England and Wales, and the bad news was that those figures are up. Deaths from drug and alcohol abuse are just way too high!

Knowing how common death from drug and alcohol abuse and overdose is; we thought that it was time to make you aware that it is YOU who must do something about it… before it is too late.

No one thinks it will be them, that it will be their parent, sibling, child or friend who ends up dead at the hand of a pill, bottle or needle, until it happens. Until one day your loved one just isn’t here anymore.

It is a hard thing to face, sometimes you may not want to face it, but avoiding it, does not change what is there.

It is you who must help, must do something before your loved one is dead.

If you had a mother with diabetes, would you let her binge on sugar without doing something to stop it? If you had a friend with heart problems, would you let him continue with the same high fat diet, without doing something to change it? I think the answer is no—you would use love and support, education and professional help or whatever else was necessary to help your loved one realise that what they were doing was, in fact, killing them.

You wouldn’t stand idly by with illness and disease, so don’t do it with drugs and alcohol.

Mother and daughter


It is your responsibility to help your loved one get through this difficult time. And it will need the same tools as we listed above. Love and support is vital; only with that can you gain understanding and cooperation. Anger and recrimination doesn’t lead anywhere successfully. Education and professional help is crucial for an addict, and also for yourself. Start with educating yourself on drugs, specifically the drugs your loved one is addicted to. That will help you understand what they are going through, what to expect, treatment options and so on. You can then use education to help enlighten your loved one on side effects, treatment options, future health risks etc.; it can all help with shifting the person’s viewpoint on the positive effect of the drug to realising how dangerous it really is. Next is professional help, you could enlist the help of an interventionist; they have the training and experience necessary to help your loved one realise the need of rehabilitation. The final and most important professional help, of course, is the staff of the rehabilitation centre itself. Those who will successfully care and persist until your loved one is sober again, and ready to take on a new sober life.

Don’t feel alone, and don’t stand idly by—your loved one needs you. Maybe they don’t show it right now, maybe drugs have taken over their life; maybe they can’t face life without it. That’s why they are lucky to have you. You can help them face life sober, get past drugs and potentially regain a happy and healthy life again, without the threat of death around the corner.

For more help on what you can do to help, or more information on our rehabilitation programme, contact us.


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