The Law and Jail Tales

Man with handcuffs

To begin with, you may be under the impression that it is illegal to actually smoke marijuana (cannabis roll your own) or eating it, (as part of a cake recipe or chocolate brownies ingredient. It isn’t.

What is illegal is to be in possession of it. A fine line of distinction you might think but that is the law. Possession can lead to a fine and/or a custodian (jail) sentenced up to 5 years. As far as your life and a criminal record are concerned that opens up a whole new can of worms both whilst in jail and when you get out.

Drug smuggling—human mule
Drug smuggling—human mule

In the UK if you are caught supplying someone with marijuana the law requires a much stiffer jail sentence than for possession. You can be jailed for up to 14 years.

Here is what an ’inside job’, looked like when x-rayed. This human mule risked death if these small packets burst open never mind 14 years in jail!

It is obvious supplying is the name of the game. The mule gets money and drugs, the supplier gets his supply.

Whether in possession or supplying Customs and Excise officers or policemen can access conviction records by requesting them one way or another for the rest of that criminal’s life. Don’t imagine they can’t or don’t get it. They can and they do. The USA and the UK share various types of info and criminal records. Drug smuggling is just one type.

Interpretation of the law means small amounts don’t get any attention these days but never the less when you consider the risks with a large amount or a few ounces is it really worth it? I would suggest not. In Peru, more than 30 Britons are currently in prison for drugs offences and 850 more are languishing in dirty squalid conditions abroad elsewhere. Some have sentences of up to 39 years. Some like a British grandmother jailed in Indonesia for trafficking, have been sentenced to death. Feeding your habit by transporting drugs inside the body is a highly dangerous activity. The police and law enforcement are very aware of it and will take you and lock you up and send you for trial.

An addict’s supplier has no interest in their customer’s health or financial muddles or tangles with customs and excise unit. All they want is the delivery to them of the drugs and the money they make.

If you want to keep your health, your soundness of mind and your freedom then simply don’t do it. Get help if you need to rehab. Narconon has an excellent rehab programme and if you look at the Narconon UK site you will see the stories of many who have passed through its doors and led successful drug-free lives afterwards.



Jemima J. Jones

A writer that tells it like it is. She has been there done that and got the T-shirt.