Samuel in Crack Cocaine
29 January 2018

Cannabis at School

Growing up in the UK, I was exposed to Cannabis in various forms during my secondary school years. For those reading from overseas, secondary school runs from ages 11—16.


Jemima J. Jones in Cocaine
29 November 2017

Misery And Death—A Street Drug Called Cocaine

One of the most destructive sides to cocaine is “the cut.” Suppliers like money and to make more of it, raw cocaine is mixed with a variety of products. Even flour and chalk are used to say nothing of strychnine…


Jemima J. Jones in Crack Cocaine
28 November 2017

All Hail the New Medical Disovery—Never Mind Addiction to It

Starts with Cocaine, followed by crack cocaine, became the drug of choice in many of our UK big cities like London and Manchester in the 1980s. By 2002 crack importing and addiction reached epidemic proportions. Seizures of it had increased by 50% and the numbers of crack addicts seeking help by 54%.


In The UK, Cocaine as Dangerous and Deadly as Ever

Cocaine has long been a drug favoured by those in banking circles in the UK. But it’s just as damaging and even deadly for its users as it ever was, no matter who they are.


Karen in Drug Rehab
12 September 2017

In the UK, Is Enabling More Drug Use the Only Answer to Drug Deaths?

The United States is not alone in struggling with increases in the number of drug-related deaths. In England and Wales, record numbers of people are dying as a result of their use of heroin, cocaine and MDMA.


Narconon UK in Drug Rehab
23 August 2016

Cocaine and Crack Cocaine

Cocaine is extracted from the leaves of the coca plant. Cocaine is extracted from coca leaves and was originally developed as a painkiller. When it is in powder form it is known as cocaine and when in crystal form it is known as crack cocaine.