Misery And Death—A Street Drug Called Cocaine

Whenever celebrities in the entertainment or sports industries are caught out using cocaine or other drugs the press will let us know. It sells their newspapers. The news about international rugby football player Rangi Chase using cocaine is a clear warning to youth rugby teams but its not just about getting caught.

Chase has received a 2-year ban from playing by the UK Anti-Doping Organisation. He had tested positive for benzoylecgonine—a form of drug derived from cocaine that aids metabolism and increases one's energy levels. It is definitely a banned substance in the UK. It is banned for good reason and not just on the playing fields of sport.

One of the most destructive sides to cocaine is “the cut.” Suppliers like money and to make more of it, raw cocaine is mixed with a variety of products. Even flour and chalk are used to say nothing of strychnine. Purity of product is not something suppliers care about. In 2005 it was 45 percent pure. Today it is 6.4 percent or less as reported by The United Kingdom’s Forensic Science Service. Another source on what constitutes street cocaine is drugabuse.com

Drugs and Crime

When the full effects of cocaine are understood one wonders how such a drug could enhance any performance. There are many sources of information about cocaine across the internet—what it is, where it comes from, how it gets to the UK and the penalties for possessing it or using it. In short it is an illicit stimulant (forbidden by law, rules, or custom), which affects the body significantly. It can include, heart attacks, stroke, and even death. An informative booklet on this dreadful stuff, Drugs—What you need to know, is a very good booklet for use in schools and any sports club.

The Narconon programme is different from the many rehab centres you will find on the internet. Very different. No substitute drugs or psychiatric procedures are involved and it includes the aim to flush out residual drugs remaining in the body after consumption has ceased. Something no other rehab seems to offer. Go to the Narconon web site for in-depth details of rehab programme and the stories told by those who have participated in it and came out the other side.

Narconon, for those that fear withdrawal symptoms, loath it or suffer the “dead if you do and dead if you don’t” phenomena of coming off of drugs, is a godsend. If you do the programme exactly and faithfully you will win, and win big.

Personally I prefer wins in life and highs from achievements in my chosen activities to any “recreational drug” offered by today’s society.

Jemima J. Jones

Recreational drug: The use of a psychoactive drug to induce an altered state of consciousness for pleasure, by modifying the perceptions, feelings, and emotions in the user.



Jemima J. Jones

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