Samuel was born in the Suburbs of South East London, having grown up partying and working in London’s many various districts. With broad exposure across various subcultures, Samuel was amongst social drug users for many years. He’s seen the many highs, lows and consequences of drug use first-hand. Having observed many friends deteriorate over time, through reduced confidence, diminished ambition, decreasing physical and mental health - Samuel now wishes to help families and individuals understand there is a better lifestyle within reach. One that does not compromise who they are, but recovers their capability to pursue living life to the full.

Samuel in Drug Information
25 March 2018

Fake News

A lot of the drug education—as little as there was at my school, was pretty poor, uninformed and not very educative at all. The perceived lack of understanding from the teachers, parents and thus ‘society’ at large was a major enabler for my friends in taking drugs.


Samuel in Drug Rehab
3 March 2018

Growing Out of Drugs

Growing up, I saw classmates and friends experiment with drugs such as cannabis and alcohol at a young age—13 years old. After leaving school and going to college in the UK (16 to 18 years old), I didn’t come in contact with drugs…


Samuel in Crack Cocaine
29 January 2018

Cannabis at School

Growing up in the UK, I was exposed to Cannabis in various forms during my secondary school years. For those reading from overseas, secondary school runs from ages 11—16.


Samuel in Cocaine
26 January 2018

Work Hard, Play Hard

I’ve been fortunate enough to work for various organizations over the past decade, including the upper levels of the legal sector, the financial sector and a FTSE 100 events business.


Samuel in Crack Cocaine
25 January 2018

Cocaine: A Millennial Minefield

Alcohol and marijuana are known as gateway drugs , meaning they open the door for more powerful and deadly substances. Cocaine is not only one of these, but one of the worst.