He followed the road of excess but it didn’t lead to the palace of wisdom, only to more excess and some dodgy tie-dye clothes. Now he’s following the path of wisdom. Life is much better and his dress sense has improved.

Jeremy in Drug abuse
19 March 2018

Is Taking Drugs a Human Right?

Is drug use purely and only a personal choice?


Jeremy in Narconon Success
30 October 2017

What Is a Gateway Drug?

A gateway drug is a drug that a person will agree to take for the first time, despite their instinct that it's wrong to do so. At that point they have violated their basic integrity on the subject of drugs, and this can be the first step towards addiction.


Jeremy in Drug Stories
21 October 2017

The “Summer of Love” of 1988

When I look back, for me it all started in Manchester in the “Summer of Love“ of 1988. Acid House had hit the UK via Ibiza, and the clubs were buzzing with a new wave of electronic dance music and a new drug called ecstasy…