Fraser Scott

Fraser Kee Scott is a guest blog writer for Narconon United Kingdom. He is an art dealer who owned two galleries in London and works with some of the biggest bands in the world producing and selling album art, raising over $1.2m for charity with one particular mega star band.

Fraser Scott in Drug Information
6 April 2018

Other Highs

I’ve surveyed a lot of people who take drugs to find out why they take them and the answers are varied. But typical answers often include relaxation, creativity, escape from boredom and social inclusion.


Fraser Scott in Narconon Success
20 March 2018

Interview with a Narconon Graduate

A candid interview with a Narconon graduate.


Fraser Scott in Narconon Success
15 November 2017

One of the Things I’m Proudest About in My Family

I have two members of my family who got all the way through school, one private, one public, without touching any drugs, because of talks I had with them when they were quite young. My first story is about a boy who was eleven at the time…


Fraser Scott in Drug Education
23 October 2017

Drugs Are a Solution That Become THE PROBLEM

I started taking drugs when I was 14 and continued heavily until 22. My mum tried hard to get me to quit—some of my worst memories are of her crying because she saw the mess I was in but couldn’t stop me.