Interview with a Narconon Graduate

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1. What led you to start using drugs?

Mostly being around people who use drugs too. I felt accepted by my friends when I used. I was also very insecure about myself and thought drugs would help.

2. How did using drugs affect your life?

It helped my insecurities when I was on the drug but when I came off it amplified. I was scared of people and life in general. I was very lazy and couldn’t achieve any of my goals. I had to lie all the time for money, that I would spend all my money on drugs. I felt really bad for lying all the time also when I came down off the drugs I would always wrong target people like it was everyone else’s fault.

3. What made you realise you had to stop taking drugs?

I was just tired of the “same old shit just a different day”. I was constantly nervous around people. I wanted to buy things that actually last. I wanted to sort out my life, a job, a car. Generally just wanted something for my life.

4. What difficulties did you face giving up?

I was very emotional mostly. In my head a lot saying that I couldn’t do it.

5. What convinced you to try Narconon?

Myself. My parents and brother suggested it but I made the choice to come.

6. What was it about the program at Narconon that helped you most to be able to quit drugs?

I find that a difficult question to answer but generally everything in the program helped me to get off drugs. The good people around me, the students. The detox definitely had a big impact. The objectives helped a lot too by taking my attention off the past and into the present.

7. What is life like now you’re off drugs?

I’m revitalized in life. I’m not insecure about myself anymore. I’m not nervous around people anymore. I feel great. I look forward to every new day. I’m full of energy. I’m not scared of people anymore, I’m not in my head at all. I feel like I have no attention on the past and I can actually see my future ahead. I really enjoy life now. It’s fantastic. Ready to confront life.

8. Anything else you’d like to say?

I would recommend the Narconon program to anyone who is struggling with addiction. It will be the best thing you ever do. Narconon, thank you.


Fraser Scott

Fraser Kee Scott is a guest blog writer for Narconon United Kingdom. He is an art dealer who owned two galleries in London and works with some of the biggest bands in the world producing and selling album art, raising over $1.2m for charity with one particular mega star band.