Alice Romero in Narconon Success
2 September 2021

A Mother’s Success Story

The hardest or worst part about dealing with an addicted child is it just breaks your heart because there’s nothing you can do to help, and you just feel helpless. That is what I think is the worst thing—you are helpless.


Jemima J. Jones in Cocaine
5 March 2018

It’s Up, Up and Away—Then Down and Out

While there are rituals that users go through when doing cocaine, the drug itself is sometimes misunderstood by those who use it—what it is and what effect it will have, both good and bad. One of its main attributes of cocaine use is its ability to take you up high and then on the other side, to take you down.


Isolde in Drug Information
6 December 2017

Cocaine and the UK: Identifying Cocaine Usage in Young Professionals

After meeting several young professionals in the business world who have fallen prey to cocaine addiction it’s striking how prevalent use of this drug has become as a false solution to the stress and hectic travails of business life.


Narconon UK in Addiction
10 August 2016

Why do Men get so Addicted to Cocaine?

Why do Men get so Addicted to Cocaine? Cocaine is famous for its short-term effect of euphoria , but when you come down from that high you hit a very low point.