Isolde in Cocaine
18 December 2017

My Partner is an Alcoholic: Signs and Symptoms of Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol is prevalent in today’s world more than ever. It’s commonplace to see this portrayed in Television, Film and in social media, as well as New Year’s Eve parties, college campus parties and twenty-first birthday celebrations.


Jocelyn Miller in Addiction
4 September 2017

UK — The Addiction Capital of Europe

It was reported in 2013 that England was considered the “addiction capital of Europe,” not a label to be proud of, but the abuse of drugs and alcohol was costing the country a total of £36 billion (or just under $57 billion U.S) annually.


Lisa Borg in Addiction
20 August 2016

Alcohol Really Is a Drug

Alcohol is legal and it is a big part of most people’s social life, especially here in the UK where being able to “hold your drink” is considered a good thing. Most weekends don’t go by without at least one big night out.


Lisa Borg in Drug Rehab
8 August 2016

How to Spot an Alcoholic

Alcohol can seem so safe at first—everyone drinks, it's legal, it's not really a drug... until it is out of hand, and someone you know is addicted. Then is the time you really have to face the effects of alcohol abuse.