How to Spot an Alcoholic

Drunk man

Alcohol can seem so safe at first—everyone drinks, it's legal, it's not really a drug... until it is out of hand, and someone you know is addicted. Then is the time you really have to face the effects of alcohol abuse.

Here are some questions that you can ask yourself to determine the true level of the problem.

  • Can the person control his (or her) drinking?
  • If there is alcohol available can he make the choice to not drink and stick to it?
  • Can he stop drinking while there is still alcohol in the bottle, glass or case?
  • Is he always finding a reason or excuse to drink?
  • Does he drink regularly on his own?
  • Does he hide or deny the amount that he drinks?
  • Have the costs related to drinking started getting out of control?
  • Is he drinking in dangerous situations like driving or while taking prescription medication?
  • Does the drinking continue despite things like legal problems or relationship issues?
  • Is he neglecting his responsibilities?
  • If you confront him on the problem, does he deny it, or even get angry with you?
  • Does he deny the situation and refuse to look at change or solutions?
  • Are there health problems being caused from the quantity of alcohol consumption?

Depending on how many of these were affirmative you can see how severe the situation really is. Alcoholism can creep up on someone, maybe it started socially but later got out of control. Because alcohol is a legal drug people often don't think that there is a problem until it is too late. Unfortunately like any addiction, it can ruin lives, and not only of the alcoholic themselves.

If the answer was yes to only few of these, then don't wait for it to worsen but take effective action immediately, while the person is more able to confront the situation.

If you need advice with an alcoholic friend or family member, contact us to see how we can help.


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