My Partner is an Alcoholic:
Signs and Symptoms of Alcohol Abuse

A Few Drinks

Alcohol is prevalent in today’s world more than ever. It’s commonplace to see this portrayed in Television, Film and in social media, as well as New Year’s Eve parties, college campus parties and twenty-first birthday celebrations. Pop culture has embraced alcohol to the point where not drinking at a party or when you are out on the town could be considered odd.

There’s nothing necessarily wrong with a few drinks.

But where is the line between fun and a destructive lifestyle? Is there a verge? Where is the edge exactly? And what makes someone an alcoholic?

After all…everyone drinks….don’t they?

Well, in reality, alcohol is the most widely used drug in the world. According to the World Health Organization, more than two million people a year lose their lives due to alcohol abuse.

11 Signs of Alcohol Abuse and Addiction:

Alcohol Escalation

Alcohol abuse progresses to addiction when the following signs show up:

  1. The person drinks early in the day, stays drunk for a long time or drinks alone
  2. The person can’t control the quantity when he or she drinks
  3. The person needs to take in more alcohol to get the same buzz as before
  4. Withdrawal symptoms set in when the alcohol consumption is stopped: the person may feel sick, sweaty, shaky and anxious
  5. The person gives up other activities he used to enjoy so he can drink
  6. He spends a lot of time either drinking or recovering from drinking
  7. Despite harm to their career, education, family or other relationships, the person still drinks
  8. The person tries to conceal his drinking and makes excuses for it
  9. He consistently relies on alcohol to relieve stress or solve problems
  10. The drinker would like to quit drinking but despite repeated attempts, still drinks
  11. Alcohol becomes a focal point in life—the drinker must always make sure enough alcohol is on hand, and social activities nearly always include drinking

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