Skunk or Dope—An Education as to What it Is and Where it Comes From

Cannabis is commonly known these days as Skunk. It is made up from the dried leaves and stalks of the hemp plant. In my day it just used to be called Ganja, weed or just Grass. Now it has even more nick names depending on where you are. Its normal name is hemp.


Jemima J. Jones in Drug Education
19 September 2017

If Someone Said ’Can I Have Some tetrahydrocannabinol Please…’

What would you think they were asking for? A new crazy drink in a fancy bottle, a new food available only at a specific takeaway chain? Maybe a password into a private party in a fashionable London Hotel or nightclub?


Narconon UK in Drug abuse
6 February 2017

Marijuana Causing Carnage?

Recently a colleague of mine was watching a show on CNN and came across an interview with a forensic pathologist, currently working in Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, and formerly working in a coroner’s office in Denver.…