Skunk or Dope—An Education as to What it Is and Where it Comes From

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Cannabis is commonly known these days as Skunk. It is made up from the dried leaves and stalks of the hemp plant. In my day it just used to be called Ganja, weed or just Grass. Now it has even more nick names depending on where you are. Its normal name is hemp.

Hemp normally grows in hot countries but with heating, manufactured light and plastic tunnels it can be grown just about anywhere although it might prove difficult in artic and antarctic circles. (sic joke).

The resin compressed out of the cannabis plant has other names—Plain old Hashish, Black Paki (meaning from Pakistan in particular), Indian (meaning from India in particular), whilst Red Leb and Lebanese Gold come from, of course, The Lebanon.

To most users of cannabis way back in the 60’s it’s name was just ’dope’ and usually referred to imported dark brown blocks of the stuff. With a little heat from a candle underneath ’dope’ resting on sliver foil went soft enough to sprinkle it on the tobacco being used to make a roll up. Grass referred to the leaves, stalks and flower heads that came loose in a plastic bag. Both got sprinkled onto the tobacco. Either way it is a psychoactive substance and at this point called a joint or spliff. Do you know how many extra chemicals you inhale with it? 483 at the last count according to wikipedia.

Of the 483 compounds found in the cannabis plant it is the THC content that designates how potent it is. In Lebanon if the plant is harvested early in the season the result is Lebanese Gold. Harvested late in the season it goes a red colour and that crop is called Red Leb. Producers, wherever it comes from don’t leave the flower heads out of it either, they are often packaged and sold separately. They are highly potent. Whilst you can get the very great high on those flower heads, as described by users, an overdose of it will cause prolonged unconsciusness.

Marijuana is addictive, you need more the next time you use it than the time before for the same high effect although quality and quantity also has a say in it.

The slang ’grass’ for smoking plant stalks and leaves came in way back in the 60’s and the term ’hash or hashish’ for the resin form was coined then as well. The dictionaries tell us:

1. Skunk—A form of marijuana, a slang term usually used to mean the dried leaves and stalks of the plant.

2. Hash or Hashish—The hard resin extract from the marijuana plant which when processed is a block of dark brown, black, red or gold substance. It easy to hide and easily transported.

And, not forgetting our furry friends, the skunk.

3. Small animal, comes in 14 different shades of black and white with some brown thrown in. Usually has a whit stripe down its back and gives off a dreadful smell to help defend itself from its enemies.

There are times when one could cry over the ruined lives within families, the work force and amongst those in authority who, using dope, are no longer able to cope with their responsibilities.

Read what the people who did their rehab with Narconon have to say. Go to the Narconon UK web site. Find the blog, then contact them.

From one who knows and tells it like it is.


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