Marijuana Mania—Effects on the Mind, Morals and a Message

Marijuana and car keys


1) Driving under the influence of Marijuana is a risky business.

It is a risk to you the driver, any passengers, other car drivers and their passengers and pedestrians.

2) Depending on circumstances penalties range from a first offence caution facing a minimum 12-month driving ban, a £5,000 fine and potential prison time.

3) Cause a death by dangerous driving under the influence of marijuana means a prison sentence.


It’s one thing to be stopped by the police when driving under the influence of marijuana, it often results in a caution at the road side.

It’s another matter entirely if you have a car accident whilst driving with THC in your blood stream and someone dies. Doesn’t matter if it’s another driver, passengers or pedestrians, the resulting charge is in a different class.

The penalty for causing death by dangerous driving under the influence of marijuana is a prison sentence—14 years.

Morals: Standards of behaviour; principles of right and wrong.

Insurance companies don’t like driving convictions never mind ones for driving under the influence of marijuana. Your premiums will go sky high.

If your employment involves driving for your employer they you will see your conviction on your license. You could loose your job right there to say the least. Employers of drug drivers are few and far between if there are any at all.

Family and friends will wonder where they went wrong with you.

The Mind

Marijuana is a Class B hallucinogen. It brings on altered perceptions of the environment one is in, ones thoughts, and ones feelings. You simply don’t see the world as it actually is, you see something else. Feelings get all mixed up, one is no longer lucid and it’s hard to figure out where one is geographically or what time it is. One’s memory gets really mixed up. What happened a couple of weeks ago can seem like yesterday and yesterday can seem like years ago.

Smoked in a group environment one of the group can see the funny side of something and start laughing. No one may know what the laughter is about but starts to laugh as well. Next thing you know everyone is in hysterics but with no idea as to what is being laughed about or even cares.

Physical Downs

Marijuana can make you feel faint and wanting to vomit. You can feel cold and at the same time get the sweats. Eyes get bloodshot and itchy.

Dehydration sets in and ’the munchies’ get going. One wants anything one can lay one’s hands on to eat and take it too excess. It’s wise to know where the toilet is. At the end of it all unconsciousness arrives. Blacking out one stays exactly where they are. Sprawled on the floor, on the couch or in a chair any spot will do although You might make it into your bed, if you’re lucky.

Waking up from the night before can include feeling groggy, tired, dehydrated and unable to remember where you are or where you are supposed to be. Marijuana use can make your heart race, induce panic attacks, restimulation of confusions and leave you feeling like crap. There just isn’t another word for it, and it can last for several days.

At the end of the day remember, the next time you use it you will need more to get the same high and feel just that bit more lousy than the last time when you come down.

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Jemima J. Jones

A writer that tells it like it is. She has been there done that and got the T-shirt.