RJ Ellory in Drug Stories
19 June 2018

Our Greatest Fear: To Walk the Earth Unknown, Unseen, Unremembered

Perhaps our greatest joy is to be found in the life that we invest in others. That is something which will always be out of reach once your life is consumed by drugs.


Devin in Drug Stories
19 February 2018

Drugs and Violence

Illegal drugs cause a plethora of effects on the mind and body. One most notable effect is the depletion of valuable resources the body needs to survive and be healthy.


Devin in Drug Stories
29 January 2018

Ant McPartlin: Painkillers, Alcohol and Depression

Anthony “Ant” McPartlin Is undoubtedly one of England’s best known television presenters, producers and actors, best known as one half of Ant & Dec with the other being Declan Donnelly .


Jemima J. Jones in Drug Stories
4 January 2018

“If Only it Were Over—but the Only Way Out is Death—I Don’t Want to Die.”

Take a deep breath—I tell it like it is—Jenny J. Jones. The heading above are the words that a heroin addict said to me one Monday when I visited a squat where heroin was the order of the day. The floors were littered with aluminum foil, boxes of matches, petrol lighters, tourniquets, leftover food and rubbish, dirty clothes and sneakers (shoes).


Jeremy in Drug Stories
21 October 2017

The “Summer of Love” of 1988

When I look back, for me it all started in Manchester in the “Summer of Love“ of 1988. Acid House had hit the UK via Ibiza, and the clubs were buzzing with a new wave of electronic dance music and a new drug called ecstasy…