Isolde in Cocaine
17 August 2018

UK Cocaine related deaths have more than doubled in the past four years

London, we have a problem. Massive. Actually its not just London. It's Bristol, Manchester, Crawley and many other major urban settings throughout the UK as well. Cocaine related deaths in the UK have more than doubled in the past 4 years.


Lisa Borg in Drug Rehab
29 March 2017

I Can Put My Heart and Soul Back Together

There are certain rules of life that everyone must follow. These rules are the ones that come at great cost to oneself if they are broken. If you are not caught for a crime, it does not mean that for that particular crime there is no cost, for it broke the moral code that is within yourself.


Lisa Borg in Narconon Success
10 February 2017

I Am Truly Seeing Things Clearer, Bolder and Brighter

“In the past I have concentrated very much on the hurt and pain of my past and how that has made me feel.