I Am Truly Seeing Things Clearer, Bolder and Brighter

In the past I have concentrated very much on the hurt and pain of my past and how that has made me feel. When I bring my focus and attention into the present time, the hurt that I felt before becomes insignificant and has much less of an impact on how I am feeling now, it means that I can focus much more on the here and now, without being mentally bound by the restraints of my past. I feel fresh and new like I am looking at the world with a fresh set of eyes living for the moment and the future, instead of living within the past.
This morning I am seeing things as I was when I was 15/16, when I was into my art and drawing and painting when I would look at things more closely, focus on them and notice things about them I wouldn’t have noticed at the beginning. I feel as though I am truly seeing things clearer, bolder, and brighter.
Sometimes through addiction I have lost sight of what was around me, the beauty of everyday has been lost in the haze and the fog of living as a zombie within this drug culture. Drugs have taken so much away from me that I could see, but never before had I realised that it had taken my ability to see… I can’t fully explain how influential this is to see through new eyes the beauty of the world that was lost to me.” 

A.W.—Narconon student


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