Parliament building in cocaine.

UK Cocaine Related Deaths Have more than Doubled in the Past Four Years

London, we have a problem.

Massive. Actually its not just London. It's Bristol, Manchester, Crawley and many other major urban settings throughout the UK as well. Essentially, the city or town nearest you.

Gear. Blow. Snow. Flake. Coke.

Cocaine related deaths in the UK have more than doubled in the past 4 years.

Cocaine purity has hit 54 percent, the highest in decades.

Additionally in 2016 - 2017, 12,000 were admitted to hospitals with cocaine related disorders.

To an increasingly large degree, especially amongst young professionals, cocaine usage is insidiously becoming part of workplace culture. This is a situation effecting the current generation--the strata of movers and shakers, professionals, and businessmen who partake in and steer the professional world and commerce throughout the UK.

Commerce, trading, sales, brokerage, real-estate, and the arts--all are effected. Cocaine usage at this point has its seductive touch in virtually every arena.

Work longer. Play harder. Sell more. Be Invincible.

Or simply do it because your co-workers are doing it, or your boss, or because its passed around in the Board Room and it feels odd to pass up on…

Above all, cocaine touches people—loved ones, husbands, wives, partners. Individuals. And in most cases eventually breaks them, destroying honesty, pride, integrity, goals and a sense of balanced perspective on life.

 Its a major problem and the UK needs an effective solution.

Cocaine is extremely addictive and in many cases leads to increasing usage as individuals once addicted chase the original high. Its a major problem and the UK needs an effective solution.

We've been able to help numerous individuals battle cocaine addiction and come out stronger, more certain and with better lives.

Sober British man standing outside happy.
(To preserve privacy, the photo does not show an actual Narconon student or graduate.)

During my time at Narconon, I have met amazing people, people who are willing to help you with anything you need. I myself have become a person who I never thought I was going to be.

I feel totally clear-minded and very positive, looking towards my future. I can honestly say that this place has changed my life and I am so glad that I came here and enhanced the skills I have learned here in order to live a drug-free life.

About Narconon:

Narconon (meaning “No Narcotics”) drug and alcohol rehabilitation program is open to all who desire to end their addictions and lead productive, drug-free lives.

The Narconon program not only addresses the debilitating effects of drug abuse on the mind and body, but also helps resolve why a person turned to drugs in the first place.

Narconon is a unique and effective regimen which is natural, using no replacement drugs or medication. Located in rural Heathfield, we would like to help you or your family if suffering from cocaine addiction. Please call us.


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Isolde has seen the damages of addiction through family and friends and passionately believes in the Narconon programme.