Jose Llaguno

Jose is a native from Venezuela in the Caribbean. His life was marked by loses due to alcohol and drug addiction. At age 15 lost his best friend to a drug and alcohol related accident. At 20 he lost his older cousin to a similar situation. Jose is an advocate for personal betterment and has actively supported Drug Prevention campaigns for the last 8 years giving talks to the local police and general public, however, in the last year he decided to do more when he learnt an old friend had died of a heart attack due to 30 years of cocaine consumption. He believes drugs and alcohol, wherever they come from, are the worst enemy of society and good people. “Ignoring the damage drug and alcohol related accidents, mishaps and misery have cause YOU, whether you take them or not, is like walking around with a Boa Constrictor squeezing your neck and pretending everything is okay”.

Jose Llaguno in Drug Rehab
15 March 2018

What it Takes to Get Off Drugs

An exploration of the proper estimation of effort, energy, money, time and resources it takes to achieve this life or death target.