What’s “Normal” These Days?


Last Saturday, I was enjoying a night out, and while walking in the city I saw an ambulance and big crowd around someone on the ground in a corner.

Not wanting to gawk I just kept walking hoping that the person would be all right. A couple of friends decided to take a look at what was happening.

It turned out that someone high from sniffing had collapsed on the floor and was unable to stand. A concerned passer-by had called an ambulance and the result was what we could see.

What surprised me was the reaction of people nearby. I heard statements of ‘Oh it’s just a glue-sniffer’ and ‘Can’t someone even take drugs without interference anymore!?’

That certainly wasn’t my reaction, I was thinking ‘Man – what happened to that person to bring them this low?’ and ‘Why do people think this is normal?’

I find it a reflection of the sorry state of our society; where drugs are everywhere, the real underlying reasons are unknown, the true cost of addiction is ignored, and somehow drug taking is normalized.

What people are ignoring or are unaware of, is that it is a person with a whole life that is rapidly disappearing while drugs take over. That person is not just ‘having a good time;’ collapsed on the street corner is not a ‘good time.’

Drug use is not inevitable, true help and real education can lead someone to a sober and happy life. For those not so lucky we offer drug rehabilitation that aims to rid drugs from the body and lead a person back to a sober and happy life, with a programme of drug-free withdrawal, detoxification and life skills courses.

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