Life Skills Courses Help a Student Realise: “Drugs Kill Families and Their Loved Ones”

Domestic Violence

Having read all the work I have done on this course, I realise just how much pain, heartache, and damage I have caused in the past four years. It has shocked me to the point of crying. All I wanted to do was to pick up the phone and talk to my wife and apologise. Apologise for all the chaos I caused. All the holidays I have spoiled and the excuses I have used to stay away. I now never want to let that devil back in again and don’t want to waste a minute of my life not pleasing my wife and kids. I just want to see them/us in peace and to make sure the kids feel secure in their upbringings.

I can only put things right by being patient, taking each day as it comes and not reacting to my wife venting out, as she too needs a release; she has no-one else to take it out on but me. As I created all this chaos/mess and nearly destroyed me and my family, I am the one who has to grit my teeth and use all the tools from Narconon to put it right.

Having written up all I needed to on this course, and re-reading them has made me realise just how much harm I have caused myself and others, especially my wife and kids, they are my strength and my weakness. I would give my life for them. Yet I allowed drink and drugs to create a monster who was going home and… I kept thinking “why are they staying away…. why, why?”…. Now I can see that DRUGS KILLS FAMILIES AND THEIR LOVED ONES.

F.M.—Narconon Student

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