The Transformation I Have Experienced Has Been Soul Deep and Will Change My Life Forever

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Narconon’s Objectives are unique exercises designed to help bring a person’s attention off the past and into the present. Here is what one student said about her experience with Narconon’s Objectives:

Objectives have changed my life, of this there is no doubt in my mind. The way I think about the world around me and the way I feel within myself.
Before the Objectives, I struggled to control myself and my behaviour. I often focused on the past getting overwhelmed with past emotions and therefore often led to me acting out with drugs and criminal behaviour. Today I feel the ability to control my previous tendencies; the control to make my own decisions and stick by them. The control I have today is something I have never felt before and has made me feel empowered to control who I am.
Objectives have also given me an understanding of the environment around me and the strength to change this if I want to. The environment around me has a huge impact on my life and previously I have never felt the strength needed to alter the way I was living. I know now that if I want and need to change the environment I am living in that I can do this.
I feel that the Objectives have brought my mind in to the present time. No longer do I feel suppressed by my past, my past is a fact and that will never change, I have learnt to stop focusing on the feelings I had in the past and put my attention on the present time. In doing this I have been able to see more clearly and focused on the objects around me, they seem bolder and brighter. When your attention changes to the present all your senses come alive and everything you see, hear, feel, touch and taste are amplified. There is more beauty in the world around me than I have ever noticed before.
The Objectives have also taught me about following commands and having to take direction from others. As a rebel I have always struggled listening to anyone else, always preferring to do everything my own way and always striving to break the rules one way or another. On the Objectives, I soon learnt that the only way out is the way through and that sometimes in life when others knew the route it was easier to listen to them and follow their lead rather than go in blind on my own and get lost along the way.
Before I began the Objectives I had a disconnection from the people around me and this is where I feel I have had my most influential change so far. The connections that people have with those around them are the building blocks of life and the relationships we nurture can last a lifetime. I have often felt alone, misunderstood and whilst surrounded by people I can feel isolated. I had an underlying feeling that I did not belong, that I didn’t fit in anywhere, conventional society confused me. I have gained the ability to confront another person on a level I don’t believe you can achieve any other way. Due to this I felt empathy for both the other student working with me and the course supervisor and even at the times of extreme heightened emotions I was able to get across how I felt without anger or frustration, I felt confident to confront the situation and talk about how I felt, I also listened to the other person and had an understanding of how they felt.
Happy girl
I feel that I have thrived within the Objectives. I have a new sense of freedom deep within my soul which has given me a drive for life. The appreciation I have for the people around me goes deeper than I have felt before and feel I have made true friends that I hope will continue for years to come. I am seeing beauty where once I only saw pain. I am building back the bricks of my life where there was only destruction. The change within my heart and soul is unreal. I can not fathom the extent of this change, the only way I can describe it is that all my life I have believed I was a caterpillar unable to fly. The Objectives have shown me I am a butterfly. They have given me the strength and belief in myself to fly. The transformation I have experienced has been soul deep and will change my life forever. I have been given something that no-one can see but I can feel, the inner strength to be whatever I want and that I can do whatever I want to do. I am no longer scared of failure for even if I fall I know that I can get back up and fly again.”

A.W.—Narconon Student


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