I Have Great Trust I Can Live a Life that I Can Be Proud of

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Narconon has helped me tremendously to start on my journey towards discovering myself in the here and now.

The sauna aided me deeply in shedding layers and detoxing, I felt rejuvenated, renewed and cleansed afterwards and clean of alcohol.

The objectives were challenging, but to my amazement revealed a lot of hidden truths and insights that arose organically and showed me exactly what I needed to see, moment to moment each step of the way. I saw my awareness shifting in and out of present time and when painful emotions would surface, I was able to observe my thoughts and experience my truth organically, my inner knowing, my innate wisdom of my life experiences were revealed to me.

The most fruitful aspect of my time here came from the course work. This review of my life, delving into my feelings and examining every corner of my history allowed me to really dig deep in the wounds that have been running my life and fueling my addiction. It was very painful to witness and confront my past actions but deeply cathartic and ultimately liberating as well. Taking responsibility for all I have done that caused suffering to myself and others, to acknowledge it and see exactly what not to do in the future. Reflecting on ethics and morality woke me up from a spell of illusion I have been living in for many years, showed me the essential point of living a truthful and righteous existence is simple and necessary for happiness and for finding freedom from the need to medicate pain with addictive behaviours.

“I will treasure these teachings about how to cultivate a joyful life...”

I will treasure these teachings about how to cultivate a joyful life, one guided and driven by integrity. Now that I know the way and see that these things are not complicated or abstract but have simple steps and guidelines I have great trust I can live a life that I can be proud of.

I am very grateful to Narconon for all the kind and caring staff who have facilitated and helped me innumerable ways. I have complete trust in this place, the people and the process that happens here.

G.D., Narconon Graduate


Alice Romero

I am passionate about helping others get off drugs at Narconon UK.