Overcoming Alcohol Addiction

Sober man in a sunny morning
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I always enjoyed a drink and a party along with all the other confectionaries you come across in the party scene.

Responsibility was something that was drummed into me in my childhood. So I kept it under control.

As I grew, I saw the world evolving around me. I achieved some positive goals and endured the negative ones.

I was lucky to marry the girl of my dreams, and we settled, had children, built a home, and for most of the time, things were good.

My business was doing well, but at times it was a struggle. Also, I had some problems outside the business, which I should have addressed through the proper channels, but didn’t.

My alcohol consumption increased, and I would binge drink for 2 to 3 days, sometimes more.

My wife was concerned, and I became distant with my older daughter, who I loved, adored, and cherished.

I drank to block out reality, and it came to the point that I could not get away from the poison. What a nightmare it became. My brothers and sister were concerned.

They would contact me regularly, and as we have always been so close since childhood, they recognised I was out of control.

Waking up first thing in the morning with the taste of alcohol in the back of my throat, I would say to myself that I would not pick up a drink today, but I was weak and the alcohol strong, always being defeated a few hours into the day.

My brothers and sisters contacted Narconon, and “Bang,” one of the staff members came to see me. I had, in my drunken haze, broken the law, which in my right state of mind would not have happened.

I was presented in the court and luckily was given a non-prisonable sentence.

I arrived at Narconon on a dark, cold, wet and windy December evening.

I remember one of the students meeting me outside. I was a little anxious, yes.

I started in Withdrawal for a couple of nights before being allowed into the main centre, and then “Bang,” I was okayed to start my detox with another student. Man, that was some journey, 5 hours a day in the sauna (with breaks). I had so much fun, we had five stages to complete with various vitamins and minerals taken daily. I forgot what it was like to be “happy,” for 28 days, I laughed, I sweated, I ran, yes it was good. I felt amazing and then more amazing.

Then, my twin and I started Objectives, it was challenging and something I embraced. Yes, it had some crazy reactions on me mentally, and I let out a lot of inner thoughts; they were flying out of my brain from morning till night. I helped my twin, and he helped me. I built a real connection with him, and we have a great understanding and friendship you cannot buy. I am not saying it was easy. There were some bumpy moments but that just made our connection stronger.

The staff at the centre have always done their best to assist me, at times I did not acknowledge this, but as I travelled through the course, I realised it.

Next, the classroom really opened up my thoughts: Ups and Downs in Life, Personal Values and then Changing Conditions in Life.

These courses contain interesting and very usable theories and tools to carry you through in your journey once you leave here and embrace your life.

“I am a lucky boy I reflect on the people who are stuck or imprisoned by addiction...”

This was a great experience. I reflect on the people who are stuck or imprisoned by addiction; it’s a horrible place to be. I am a lucky boy.

Thanks to everyone who helped me, from family, staff and students.

S.S., Narconon United Kingdom Graduate


Alice Romero

I am passionate about helping others get off drugs at Narconon UK.