The Cost of That First Hit

Two people passing a joint

When kids are young, full of energy, hormones and angst, their biggest problems are usually which grade they will get on the next test; if that girl or boy likes them back, or if they will get another unfortunate spot on their face. Those years are, for most, filled with ups and downs, all sorts of new and exciting experiences, lots of firsts and planning for a bright future ahead.

First Experiences

Due to this, those same years are usually the experimental years, of finding themselves, their passions, their likes and dislikes, and with that, comes first experiences with alcohol and drugs.

Quite often this is for no other reason than curiosity and experimentation, though of course other factors can play into it as well.

Risk of trying

The simple fact is during these years most teenagers are more likely to try drugs. For some it will be nothing more than that, trying it out, experimenting and then putting it down and walking away. Unfortunately, there are others who are not so lucky, and that stage of experimentation leads down a long road of dependency and addiction, no longer being able to live life without drugs.

Addict and syringe

No teenager ever starts out thinking they are going to be a heroin junkie 10 years down the line. It probably started as passing weed around while listening to great music but there is a sort of Russian roulette being played. One kid goes on to live a completely normal life where smoking pot was a phase he went through; and another goes from weed, to coke and heroin and ends up an addict always searching for his next high.

It is a risky game to play and it is certainly a huge loss for the loser; chances of a normal and happy life ripped away. And…it all starts with that first hit.


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