Starting Out with Weed


It is sadly the case that it is considered normal for most people at some point in their lives to try pot. This is quite commonly during teenage years. It is definitely not so common for most people to jump into shooting heroin or snorting coke!

And of course, most people will think “why not try weed when in current times it is considered a light drug, not addictive, not particularly harmful and even containing some medicinal properties?” With current medicinal practices, it is normal to take something for everything that ails you: Got a headache? Take an aspirin. Gott a toothache? Take an ibuprofen and so on.


Quite often the real cause of a problem is not actually tackled, if you have a discomfort you try to take something for that discomfort… but why are you feeling uncomfortable? That is a much more important question.

Taking something to handle a discomfort, without getting to the root source of a problem can set you up for addiction. This is because actually the initial problem doesn’t go away: it is just masked by the pill you popped. Now the drug you are taking will probably cause other affects which add up to more discomfort leading you to try another drug. This sequence is how many drugs lead onto further drug taking.

For a Teenager

For a teenager trying pot for the first time it could be for some discomfort and a friend recommends it, or it could just be for curiosity, but the thing is, it is certainly not seen as unusual to try it, in fact it is probably deemed more abnormal NOT to try it. So he sees his friend doing it and thinks, ‘Why not, I’ve heard it’s great!?

And for many that will be it, some pot in school and college and then onto a good job and loving family. Whereas for others, something like this, leads them down a totally different road: ‘You like pot, well try ______ it’s even better!

And that is how weed can open the door to trying other drugs. That weed made them feel good and relaxed, but then another drug is purported to be even better and so they go and try that. The one drug leads to another, and then potentially another, down a bitter, bitter road.


Narconon UK

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