I Feel Refreshed

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I was born in England, Perivale Hospital. I was raised in Northolt, London. Before doing drugs my life was normal, I was just a normal kid. I started drinking alcohol at the age of 12 and I smoked my first spliff at the age of 14.

It affected my life by not wanting to talk, do anything, being lazy, just literally doing nothing. My parents were upset, my brothers didn’t like it as well at all, I lost communication with my parents, with my whole family really. I lost a lot of friends, good friends, lost my gals, my brain got damaged and I forget everything, literally I forget what I had for dinner last night, it’s still happening after 6 months of being clean.

What lead me to coming to Narconon was that my liver got damaged from drinking so much alcohol, my brother got involved who I hadn’t spoken to for eight years, which made me start thinking, something’s wrong here. My Mum and Dad, got very upset when they heard about my health issue. I found Narconon through a family friend.

When I arrived I felt terrible, terrified, I just didn’t want to enter the building, I sat outside in the cold for 8 hours, I was ringing my parents and they had turned off their phones and they had rang a family friend who was in touch with the staff members here and they told him that they had changed the door locks so either way I couldn’t come home. I still sat outside waiting and waiting, until I got too cold and tired which made me decide to come in.

My biggest wins on the programme were making a good friend, doing detox refreshed me a lot and getting through this whole programme.

I feel good about graduation, excited to go home, I can’t wait to see my family and I’ll miss this place because everyone here became like a family.

I am looking forward to getting back to work, I’m looking forward to hopefully meeting a nice woman and having a family of my own. Maybe travelling the world. And eating Mum’s food. And reconnecting with some of my family.

“My proudest accomplishment is completing this Narconon programme. My relationship with my family is now way better.”

My proudest accomplishment is completing this Narconon programme. My relationship with my family is now way better.

My favorite thing about being drug free now is that I’m clean, I got a clean body, a clear mind.

K.J., Narconon Graduate



Alice is passionate about helping others get off drugs at Narconon UK.