Discovery of Your Loved One’s Addiction


When the addictive issues of a loved one are discovered, the immediate first reaction is one of anger and betrayal.

  • “How could he do this to us?”
  • “Has he forgotten about his family?”
  • “She has so much going for her. Why did she do this?”
  • “Well, there goes your job! I hope you’re happy!”
  • “Is that where all your money went?

After the initial shock and anger subsides, the horrible reality of the situation sets in, and at that point, the family will usually decide between turning away from their loved one or doing everything they can to help. Assuming that you want to help, your next step is looking at treatment options.

Treatment Options

Years ago there wasn’t a wide range of treatments, there was the popular AA programme, and a few others but nothing like the eclectic choices out there now. It ranges from wilderness therapy programs and boot camp programs to Behavioural Modification, Harm Reduction therapy and shamanic spiritual journeys through the third eye.

Needless to say, it can be stressful to find an appropriate program for your loved one. Sifting through the various options, working out what will really work and what will just be a waste of money can certainly be tough.

The Right Questions to Ask

When searching for a rehab, ask the following questions:

  • Does the program handle the root causes of the addiction?
  • Does the program handle the physical side of the addiction?
  • Does the programme help the mental side of the addiction, without prescribing further drugs?
  • Does the program have an exit plan or aftercare strategy?

These are the all-important questions for choosing an effective rehab because they relate to all major factors that need to be addressed in rehab for it to have long term success. That long-term success is what will truly help your loved one, and bring stability back to your family.

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Narconon UK

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