Celebrity Corruption of Youth


More celebrity irresponsibleness is manifesting this week in the world of drugs. This time with Kim Kardashians range of clothes promoting drugs.

A cap with the words ‘never not high’ and a t-shirt with the words ‘sorry for what I said when I was high’ being just a few examples.

As Kim K is someone with 98 million Instagram followers and 51 million Twitter followers, you would hope for some awareness of how she may be influencing vulnerable young people.

Unfortunately, this is just another step in the wrong direction of not only normalising drug use but practically encouraging it.

While Kim K faces a lot of backlash, we hope that she will re-think this newly released line, and pull it off the shelves. Meanwhile, here at Narconon UK and other drug charities around the country must keep going with high speed to get the true data out there about drugs.

Drug education is vital to fighting this spreading acceptance and normalisation of drug culture. Our main method of approach is lectures, particularly aimed at young people who are normally at the brink of trying drugs for the first time.

The impact of hearing the truth live, specifically from someone who has actually lived and breathed it cannot be underestimated; on top of this our website contains the facts on all abused prescription drugs as well as of course illicit drugs.

If you or a loved one have fallen into addiction, then you are in need of rehabilitation. Good rehabilitation allows you to successfully withdraw from drugs and begin a life that you can confidently continue living sober. For more information on how Narconon UK may help you achieve that, contact us on 00800 802 1375


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