A Dangerous Time to Be on Drugs

Drug pills

Today, more than ever, is a dangerous time to be addicted to drugs. Not only are there more drugs than ever before, but the purity, potency and even the chemical makeup of the drugs can very widely, thereby greatly increasing the possibility of drug overdoses or other severely bad reactions.

A couple of generations ago there were really only a dozen street drugs generally available and their strength and effects were fairly well known by drug users. Times have now changed though, with a multitude of synthetic drugs being made month to month, with new pharmaceutical drugs escaping from a controlled medical environment onto the street, and with many drugs being adulterated with dangerous chemicals or other drugs. All of this means that the drug user is often playing a game of Russian Roulette, never knowing when the hammer is going to fall on a loaded chamber.

There are now literally hundreds of different forms of non-prescription, synthetic drugs on the market. Not all of them are even illegal because the drug manufacturers keep changing the chemical components of the substances to stay ahead of the legislation which attempts to outlaw these drugs. These ‘legal highs’ though, are just as dangerous as many of the illegal drugs out there and sometimes more so.

Many formulas out there don’t even have names but are just known by their research numbers such as 251-NBOMe, or HU-210. Synthetic cannabis for example just in 2013 was found to have 29 new different forms! This is out of the 81 total new synthetic drugs or forms of drugs found in the UK alone. When the chemical composition of what the user smokes, injects or eats varies widely, it can often occur that the effects of those drugs are equally unpredictable. There are records of these and other synthetic drugs causing psychotic breaks, suicides and even homicides.

But it is not only synthetic drugs which can have unknown effects. Today it is very common for more “traditional” street drugs, such as heroin, to be laced with other substances. For example, the prescription drug, Fenytal, many times stronger than heroin, is sometimes added to strengthen the high which the junkie gets from his heroin hit. That added boost can easily cause an overdose.

This is why now, more than ever, it is a dangerous time to be buying drugs and using drugs.

If you know of a friend or loved one who is abusing drugs, don’t wait. Contact Narconon so that we can work together to get that person into a programme to free him from drug abuse and its attendant risks.

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