Do You Know What Drug Addiction Really Is?

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Part I of a IV Part Series

A quick survey of your immediate friends and family may very well elicit more than one definition for addiction and definitely more than one activity that addiction can be applied to. They will, in all probability ask, ’addiction to what?’, referring to their own innocent addictions. Collecting 1950’s cars, vintage clothing, autographs, glassware, jewellery, toys etc., etc., or may be just visiting car boots every week, growing exotic blooms, being a keep-fit fanatic, or cruising every year, who knows! All are good examples and I am sure you can think of hundreds more that your friends and family are into. These ’addictions’ might bring financial stress of course and family members may not appreciate the things you bring home from an auction or car boot but there is a difference. Drug addict brings with it lost employment, financial disasters, criminality, family breakups and, last but not least, death.

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So what happened for someone to find themselves in one of the most horrific activities they could choose for themselves? Is it peer pressure? One often hears of it but surely said peers must each have had a reason for sampling what was on offer, to begin with—what was it? How did the dealer know to make an approach to what to them is someone who is fair game? Where were they approached? How was a drug offered? Did it come with a health warning? What did it cost? I am talking here about the illegal drugs that circulate on the streets, outside the school railings, deep in the heart of the dance clubs, fashionable drinking places and on the periphery of festival sites where policeman even dare not tread.

In the following articles I will answer those questions—the what, the why, the where, who made it popular, the effect of taking drugs and what happens to the addicted. I will cover the cheapest and most common, move on to the most addictive and then the most damaging. From Marijuana to cocaine to crack to heroin with other mixes like barbiturates along the way all will be covered and surprise surprise I will enlighten you on a few things about cigarettes and the addiction factors therein as well.

And, just to be clear, I won’t be covering the importing and exporting of drugs, the laws on drug dealing, or the home manufacture/growing of heroin, cocaine, crack or marijuana as such. I want every potential addict to understand the why’s and wherefore’s before they accept that free puff of a joint, the tiny tab that allows them to dance all night or the immediate hit and hi of a line snort (white powder drugs).

Every person has more worth and more potential than even their best friends will tell them they have. I had no idea what I was really capable of before I started into drugs but I do now, thanks to the Narconon Programme.

I am not a goodie two shoes or ’helpful’ social worker. I am an ex-addict that knows it like it is and tells it like it is. I left drug addiction and its effect far behind and gone forever. It is the research and writing on the subject of addiction and rehabilitation by Mr. L. Ron Hubbard that provided me with the way out through Narconon without which, by now, I would be dead.


Jemima J. Jones

A writer that tells it like it is. She has been there done that and got the T-shirt.