What Skills Do You Need to Maintain a Sober Happy Life?

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It does not take only the withdrawal process and some time being clean to get someone able to live a happy and functioning life while sober. There are skills and abilities that one needs, to enable a person to go through the travails of life and overcome them without resorting to drugs.

Confront & Communication

Upsets and situations will occur in interpersonal relationships. It is a key skill to be able to face up to those problems, to communicate and resolve them. This is especially true if you are in the wrong, or the other person is angry, these are the times your communication skills become the most necessary.

Choosing who to be Around

In rehab, you are surrounded by people supportive and helpful to you staying clean. Back in the world and normal life, not everyone is like this. That is why it is so vital to be able to spot those who are going to help, support and lift your life up or those that will bring you down, criticise and generally make life harder.

Finding Relief from Guilt

Things done while addicted (or also clean and sober) that were destructive can eat away at a person, make it hard to feel good about yourself and hard to build strong relationships. Whether it was just neglect or full-scale abuse these actions can hold you back unless you can overcome them, regain your integrity and feel relief once more.

Problem Solving

Problems that overwhelm and just don’t seem to have a solution, whatever field it may work or family can push a person back into the path of drugs. Being able to take on problems and overcome them gives a person happiness and confidence in self. The ability to find solutions means that drugs don’t become the answer again.

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