Some Steps for Preventing Addiction

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Improve Your Health

Feeling tired, not well or being in pain opens the door to drug and alcohol abuse.

A healthy, nutritious diet is important to maintaining health and preventing disease. Consuming organic, healthy food, will boost your health, while avoiding food that contains no nutrition such as very sugary items and unhealthy snacks.

Exercise regularly and sleep well. Choose something you enjoy and get creative, it can give you new goals, new friends and something fun to get involved in, all while helping your body get into much better shape.

Improve Your Lifestyle

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Feeling bored, frustrated or stressed also opens the door to drug and alcohol abuse.

Having a fulfilling and interesting life means that there really is much less ‘reason’ or likelihood to turn to drugs. If your life is not satisfying you, then it is really important that you find new hobbies, activities or interests to pull yourself out of any slump. Don’t turn to drugs or alcohol as a means to a better life, you will just find yourself in a much worse place somewhere down the line.

Improve Your Environment

If you are involved in a toxic relationship or experience the daily stress of a toxic person in your life, it can open the door to substance abuse as a means to cope, or as a futile attempt to ’solve’ the problem.

Don’t risk your sanity and well-being. Surround yourself with positive people who mean well. Choose an environment in which you feel safe and comfortable, take effective measures to diminish and curtail environmental stresses.

If You Are Addicted, Seek Treatment

If you or someone you love are already caught in the grips drug or alcohol addiction—seek treatment.

It is possible to recover from a life of addiction. For over 50 years, we at Narconon have been helping those lost to addiction find their way back to a sober, drug-free life.

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Welcome to Narconon United Kingdom At Narconon, we are dedicated to one thing: helping you overcome addiction for good. Part of what makes this possible is the Narconon environment. Every detail has been taken into account to give you the stability and comfort to help you free yourself from addiction and rebuild your life without drugs.