A City in Crisis


Drug use in Belfast is being termed as epidemic. A recent article by the Belfast Telegraph, shows disturbing stories, all from just this month. A son in a coma after abusing prescription medication and a spate of drug-related deaths.

These high figures are putting GPs in the area under great pressure and they are starting to buckle. One of the explanations given is that Belfast currently has no job-prospects, no development and really nothing much to look forward to.

From our experience at Narconon, that explanation could be the very reason so many people in the area are turning to drugs. When people have unresolved problems or situations they look for solutions, and when they see no true solutions available they can turn to drugs or alcohol to hide from, smother or avoid facing these situations. Of course, drugs never solve the existing problem or situation, and in fact just piles more issues over the top.

From our experience, this is invariably found beneath drug use, though the situations vary wildly. It could range from bullying, shyness, financial stress, family problems, depression or boredom.

We have taken this factor into account in our rehabilitation programme. Creating a whole phase of rehab just to address learning life skills in order to be able to tackle these unwanted situations and problems without the urge to turn to drugs. Without this step, despite good intentions, relapse is all too possible.

Sober or not, life is going to keep throwing things at you, for this reason our courses cover topics such as the parts of life, ethics, integrity, conditions, steps to handle situations, anti-social personalities, illness and more.

Armed with this knowledge, a recovering addict can get back into the world with more solutions to turn to than just drugs. For more information on our Narconon rehabilitation programme, contact us on 00800 802 1375


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