The Dangerous Effects, of the Negative Connotations of “Grassing”

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A charity called Crimestoppers is currently appealing for information regarding mamba in North Wales. In their appeal was this quote:

"We understand there is a stigma attached to 'grassing' on people, but these substances are dangerous, to the individuals taking them and to the community around them."

To ‘grass’ is British slang meaning: to inform the police or authorities on someone’s wrong doing/criminal activities or plans.

The word itself is not actually particularly negative, but as all British people know it is considered extremely negative, the connotations are quite huge, and probably begin at a young age in school.

Though this negative connotation may seem small, it can in fact have far reaching affects in our fight against drugs.

  • If you have been told that grassing or being a snitch is very bad, then what do you do when you see friends taking drugs or abusing alcohol… unfortunately you say nothing.
  • What do you do when you see colleagues or associates messing up work or not producing due to drug or alcohol abuse… you may be inclined to say nothing.
  • When the police or charities ask for information on drug supply and dealers… you may find you just ignore it.

So how do we change this? How can we get more people on board with the authorities who are trying to tackle drug use? I think first the understanding that drug use and abuse is dangerous not only to the person using, but also to others in the community needs to increase. Second and right along-side that, needs to be our services to help; if informing an official regarding drug use is likely to result only in punishment rather than help it is less likely to be used, and lastly, we must get rid of this negative ‘grassing’ concept. Ignoring it and saying nothing only damns your friends and associates to a life of misery, saying something, being willing to talk and get help and confront what is really happening—could be the biggest gift you are able to give.

If you need any help regarding a friend or colleague with an addiction, get in contact with us on 00800 802 1375. And see how the Narconon rehabilitation programme may be able to help them on the way to a sober life.

Crimestoppers request can be found here:


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