The Many Forms of Addiction

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An important thing to know about drug abuse and addiction is it typically happens on a gradient and can take many different forms. Partly this is the result of the varied effects caused by different drugs, but more than this, it is how someone reacts to a drug, the physical and mental changes and how much the lifestyle shifts.

For some, it could be only weekend drinking binges. For others, it is a constant high from marijuana use. For others, there is a rollercoaster, sober days interspersed with the use of strong drugs like ecstasy at raves. The possibilities really are endless.

When you have a loved one addicted to drugs or alcohol, it is not always easy to know what is going on, due to these varying characteristics. There are signs you can look for and we have a whole range of blogs to help you determine if there is an addiction or not.

Not all addicts fit into a stereotype by any means. This is especially true of a high functioning addict – one who seems to continue to live a normal and successful life, even while in the grip of addiction. If you feel this could be the case, then check out our series of blogs on the subject.

It is vital that you do discover what is ailing your loved one, in order to be able to help them through the situation. If you do find there is drug abuse or addiction, get in touch and we will be happy to help you work out what your next steps are.

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