The Highs and Lows of Drug Use

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Those who use drugs experience massive highs and lows. This can put the addict themselves in a spin, but also those around them, especially when they just have no idea what is going on, or that the person even uses drugs!

Think back to a big night out, where possibly you drank too much, followed by an absolutely awful hangover the next morning. This is a glimpse at what happens to an addict on a regular basis, but of course multiplied hugely with the use of stronger drugs.

It is important to realise that all drug use comes with inevitable ups and downs. It is just the nature of drugs, the hoped-for sensations, combined with the side effects, health risks and emotional rollercoaster, combined into one crazy ride.

Of course, that is not even adding all the lifestyle changes that inevitably come with it. Jobs lost, relationships ending, friends changing, goals gone; these are just some of the things that addicts often experience.

As a friend or family member of an addict, it can feel like a bit of an awful whirlwind, that occurs as you watch on the sidelines helplessly.

The simple truth is that drugs and alcohol act like poisons and both the mind and body are being ravaged one way or another. Drugs and alcohol can change the way the body is performing or feeling, which then affects the person’s sense of well-being and stability.

Imagine, for example, someone pops an ecstasy pill. They will usually get the high as the ecstasy increases the activity of serotonin, which is believed to be the ’good feeling’ chemical in our bodies; but as the effects wear off, a person’s mood will plummet as the serotonin levels return to normal. Then the person comes home, and he looks and feels depressed, may feel run down, and just generally bad.

As a friend or family member don’t stand idly by, recognise those ups-and-downs for what they are, talk to the person and then work out what you can do about it, how you can be of help, how you can help end this nightmare for them.

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