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Crystal Methylone
Crystal Methylone—methamphetamine (Photo by Kaesler Media/

Supposedly the upside to crystal methylone (methamphetamine) and why its users blindly praise it—is for its ability to make one feel good. The flip side of the coin is the fact that meth attacks the central nervous system and in particular the brain itself—one of the most dangerous consequences one can experience with it.

Man-made, it goes by many different nicknames some of which are: Glass, Tina, Crank, Yaba, and Billy. Frank has written extensively on this drug and gives you the full picture. He must be given full credit for factual, easy-to-understand information on the subject.

Some of his pointers are that crystal meth alters the brain’s biochemical condition which in turn alters its normal functions. Wikipedia and Health 24 have also published research material about this.

Facts include:

  • It interrupts the brain’s normal chemical ’feel good factors’ and instead leaves the user with intense paranoia and possibly, murderous rage.
  • It induces anxiety, sleeplessness, fatigue, and depression.
  • It can be smoked, swallowed, snorted (sniffed up the nose), or injected.
  • Its initial rush is one that is quick and euphoric but it doesn’t last long.
  • Used short or long term, a heavier dose is needed each time to get the same high as the time before.
Meth pipe
Meth pipe (Photo by mikeledray/

The Independent newspaper has published many online articles about crystal meth and there was an informative article from The Daily Mail on Friday, 28 August 2016. Reading this article, one can begin to understand just how evil this drug is and the 500% increase of its use that has come about in the last 5 years. Needless to say, something must be done to deter its use.

While articles provide information, there is nothing as effective as face-to-face communication with those who are knowledgeable about addiction and an effective way to handle it.

Understanding how and way an addict became a victim of crystal meth in the first place can be the starting point to rehabilitation.

However, it is the addict’s understanding of themselves and why they wanted to use drugs in the first place that is an important part of a good, effective programme. The rehabilitation programme available at Narconon UK is one such programme—and is a very workable one. You can both see and hear from many of those who have completed it. Their stories are encouraging, especially for those who realise that enough is enough and real rehab is preferable to a certain and lonely death.

Looking for an effective means of getting off drugs and in particular crystal meth? Narconon UK is the place to go for help.



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