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Before I got to Narconon I knew I had a problem with cocaine, and quite severe, but did not realize how bad it had affected me physically and, most of all, mentally. If I had known about the material of the programme before starting, I would have said, “How and why do I need to do such tasks in order to get my body and mind back?” But I have been absolutely blown away by the results of everything within this programme.

I never thought about how much cocaine had affected my body until I was in Withdrawal, where after five days of taking vitamins, suffering from headaches from not using cocaine, I began to realize this and began to see the bigger picture. I was then really looking forward to start New Life Detox and getting my fitness back—but I completely underestimated how hard it would be. Getting my fitness back was the easy bit, but spending nearly 140 hours in the sauna over the many weeks on New Life Detox, was incredibly hard and every day I just wanted it to end—but the results I got after I completed the New Life Detox were amazing. During the New Life Detox, I felt tired every evening and my emotions and mood were up and down constantly. The day after completing I felt like a new person, with so much more energy and my mood and emotions were so much more positive allowing me to concentrate and focus more and sleep better.

“The day after completing [New Life Detox] I felt like a new person, with so much more energy and my mood and emotions were so much more positive allowing me to concentrate and focus more
and sleep better.”

The Objectives were the most bizarre thing I have ever done in my life, but the effect they had on me was amazing, making my concentration even greater and to stop dwelling on things in the past. I also got a massive sense of well-being from being able to help my twin (what we call a person who you do the objectives with) through the whole process. Seeing massive changes from start to finish. I massively thank my twin a lot on this stage of the programme because not only did she help me through and make me feel good from helping her, but she also made it very enjoyable throughout, a massive accomplishment from both of us.

By this point, I was definitely starting to feel ready to tackle life again drug free, however, I was wrong. From learning about social and anti-social people it made me realize some true facts about people in my life and also noticing the signs of anti-social people to keep these people from harming me. The most benefits I got personally from the courses came from doing Personal Values. Talking about my life in detail was very hard, but, by being so honest with myself, it gave me so much relief and showed me that I never want to be the person I once was and that being honest with myself and also others is the only way to live and be happy and successful. Doing the Changing Conditions in Life course made me see a better way to not only deal with situations in my life but how to handle people within my life to get much higher success and a more positive outcome.

And now I have a step by step exit plan which I can not wait to start completing to get my life back on track and being much more successful than I once was. I never would have thought I could ever feel the way I do now, with such energy, happiness and a willingness to tackle any problem or situation in my life and I have been completely blown away by the results of the programme. It has been hard and emotional but every day it got easier and easier and not just because of drugs leaving my body, but mainly because of amazing people I was surrounded by, helping me every step of the way and picking me up when I was down and also giving me unbelievable values and inspiration for life which I will keep and use forever.

So, I would like to say a massive thank you to everyone at Narconon because without them this would have been so much harder. I never thought I’d say this, but I will miss this place once I’m gone, and I will especially miss the people, but I will stay in touch forever.

Thank you!

L.A., Narconon UK graduate


Alice Romero

I am passionate about helping others get off drugs at Narconon UK.