Cocaine—a Love Affair

The Seductive Horrors of Cocaine Use

Cocaine with strawberry.

Cocaine is a substance which has been glamourised by mainstream media over the years. Positioned frequently with success, money, business, fame and dynamic accomplishment. This PR facade has served it well—appearing as if dynamic people do it to become, well—more dynamic, productive, untouchable and invincible. At least some say.

Seemingly without harmful results to themselves.

I mean, cocaine isn’t particularly addictive, right? One could do it on a Friday or Saturday night party and then simply leave it for the rest of the week.


Or maybe just the weekend party nights as well as a line or too before work once in a while “as I’ve been working late and need the rush, confidence and upper that it provides.”

Or maybe just the weekend party nights, weekday mornings, and at work in the loo when I need a boost.

Or maybe….

There goes life. Happiness, control, goals, relationships, future. Goodbye to all of it.

This is the siren song of one of the most addictive and destructive substances made on this earth—cocaine.

From what I’ve seen, cocaine seems to attract the dynamic salesman, the artist, the creative type. The doer, thrill-seeker, lover of action, and accomplishment seeker. It seems to offer a false hope of more of what the person already has—dynamic, energy, flair. It promises to pick one up—an add-on of confidence, energy and euphoria, if you will.

Some people may think it’s not addictive—which, unfortunately, is completely false.

The examples are myriad:

Soap Star and reality personality Danniella Westbrook has struggled with cocaine addiction for decades—spending around a quarter of a million pounds on the substance and over 20,000 pounds on the reconstruction of her face after her septum collapsed and other complications. After a recent interview with Jeremy Kyle she revealed she’s back using and was sent to rehab. It’s tragic and heartbreaking to watch frankly, as she was once a beautiful young actress with a promising future ahead of her. She first tried cocaine at age 14 and by 21 was spending 400 pounds a day on the substance.

It’s a road many have walked and struggled with—Eric Clapton, Sir Elton John, Demi Lovato. It’s a painful, brutal road, but one can come out of it with personal will and proper help and treatment.

Robert Downey Jr. is a tremendous example of persevering through the hell of cocaine addiction. He came through it—and won.

Having personally helped individuals and their families through recovery from cocaine addiction I’ve seen it happen. It is extremely rewarding to see someone shake this addiction and move on with a happy, fulfilling life and future.

At Narconon United Kingdom we can help if you have a loved one suffering from addiction to cocaine. Narconon United Kingdom is the country’s premier Narconon centre, designed to deliver Narconon’s unique method. If you or a loved one are addicted to cocaine, we can help.

Narconon lies on 3.6 hectares in the outskirts of Maynards Green in East Sussex. Here, in this clean and distraction-free setting we offer the one-on-one care and personalised, professional attention that is essential to long-term success.

We offer a rural, aesthetic and extremely private recovery environment for clients from Great Britain and Europe as well as the Gulf.



Jocelyn Miller

I have worked in and around drug rehabilitation centers for the last 3 years and have experience working in many other fields of societal problems addressing moral issues, mental stress and have been involved in a number of community projects.