Narconon Saved My Son—
A Mother’s Story

Suffering from drugs

“Where do I start my story?

When my son was about 15/16 years old he started giving us trouble at home. He became volatile, critical and sour to have around. It kind of crept up slowly though—not an overnight thing. He had friends I didn’t like and he lied a lot, which I would find out about later. He didn’t do well at school, although he did finish school—quite a miracle in itself. At the time I was working days, evenings and weekends, which, looking back was not ideal for him.

When he was 19 he came clean and told me he had been doing drugs. I said thanks for telling me and asked the extent of it. At least now I knew what we were dealing with. We embarked on various solutions to the scene and things improved minorly. There is not much effective help around, and what there is, is mainly psychiatric-based and I wouldn’t dream of letting my son get into their hands, with the damage they do. He got a qualification and moved away from home where he worked for 2 years.

Unbeknownst to me though, he was still doing drugs. Because he visited home every 6 months for a day or two I didn’t notice anything particularly wrong and he had his social face on. To cut a long story short, he left that position and moved back home and I saw that the old, unproductive, sour, critical son of mine was back.

His life had no purpose and he stayed at home and gamed all day. He had a very short fuse and erupted at the drop of a hat. He was also very withdrawn and had retreated into himself. I was near the end of my tether and almost ready to tell him to leave the household. The overall problem was that he was not ready to change.

One night, things erupted at home. My son had a few drinks and when my husband and I got home after work, around 10.30pm we found a psycho at home. He lost it and was screaming and shouting. The next day he woke up and finally had a real desire to change. That incident had been a wake-up call for him with its drug-personality aspect and he told me the next day that that wasn’t him.

And this is where the story gets to be positive. I had been in touch with a consultant from Narconon for about a year prior to this incident. On and off, on and off. And then Richard phoned me one day with a firm idea on getting my son to Narconon. I broached the subject with my son and 2 days later he said “Ok, let’s do it”. Within 3 days he was on his first international 12-hour flight to the UK. He was picked up at Heathrow by the Narconon staff, and taken to Narconon.

“Within 2 weeks of his being on the program I could tell that his mind was less cluttered. He became himself again…”

Within 2 weeks of his being on the program I could tell that his mind was less cluttered. He became himself again. Step by step he went through the program and I could tell with each passing week that he became more and more calm and more and more himself. Having other people going through the same experience as he was made it much much easier and he made some good friends there.

He has now been clean of drugs for 8 months and is flying along in life and working in the UK. He is very much in communication with me and we speak more now than we did when he was at home, even though he is 12,000km away.

I can’t thank Narconon staff enough for what they have done for my darling son and my family. I think this technology developed by Mr. Hubbard is absolutely incredible and most of all, workable.” —LH

Happy mother with son

This mother’s story is all too common today in the UK and around the world.

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