It’s the Differences Which Make Narconon Successful!

The Third Difference

Narconon reception

By: E. Kenneth Eckersley, CEO Society for an Addiction Free Existence (SAFE).

In this series of five articles, I describe in detail the difference between the Narconon programme and other forms of rehabilitation.

It is many decades since we learned from L. Ron Hubbard that there are basically three levels of thought. Identification, Comparison and Differentiation—and that, whilst thorough investigation of any subject can involve all three, by far the most valuable, significant and scientific factor is DIFFERENTIATION.

Nowhere is this more important and obvious, than in the extremely confused, deliberately misinformed and profiteering field of substance addiction and the rehabilitation of alcoholics and drug addicts.

THIRD Difference


LIFE IS OBVIOUSLY A DO-IT-FOR-YOURSELF ACTIVITY, from which it follows that deciding or agreeing to take an addictive substance is also A DO-IT-FOR-YOURSELF ACTIVITY. It should, therefore, come as no surprise whatsoever to discover that RECOVERING FROM ADDICTION is also necessarily A DO-IT-FOR-YOURSELF ACTIVITY.

But, to do this successfully, the addict must first know HOW to recover from his or her addiction—and this means TRAINING.

So the third difference is that Narconon does not “treat” drug addicts.

NARCONON TRAINS THEM to retake control of their own lives and thus cure themselves!

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. But, teach him HOW to fish, and you feed him for life.

And so it is with addiction rehabilitation. Give a heroin addict methadone and you might satisfy his habit for that one day.

But TEACH HIM HOW to take control of and get rid of his habit, and you give him the gift of recovery of the natural state of relaxed abstinence into which he was born.

Which brings us to Narconon’s very different recognition of “WHY” addiction occurs.

Read the full articles series to find out in which other ways the Narconon programme is very different from other forms of rehabilitation.


E. Kenneth Eckersley

Born 12 October,1927 in Liverpool, England. Former Local Council Chairman and Retired Magistrate and Justice of the Peace. Founded the Society for an Addiction Free Existence (SAFE) in 1974 followed by Addiction Recovery Training Services (ARTS) and Addiction Withdrawal Advisory Services & Help (AWASH) all of which are not-for-profit community support groups where Ken Eckersley is the C.E.O. Ken insists that: The only sane, humane and viable definition for RECOVERY from Drink and Drug Addiction Starts With: “A lasting return from the debased state of addiction victim - to the natural condiion of relaxed abstinence into which 99% of the population is born.“