It’s the Differences Which Make Narconon Successful!

The Second Difference

Narconon students doing Objectives

By: E. Kenneth Eckersley, CEO Society for an Addiction Free Existence (SAFE).

In this series of five articles, I describe in detail the difference between the Narconon programme and other forms of rehabilitation.

It is many decades since we learned from L. Ron Hubbard that there are basically three levels of thought. Identification, Comparison and Differentiation—and that, whilst thorough investigation of any subject can involve all three, by far the most valuable, significant and scientific factor is DIFFERENTIATION.

Nowhere is this more important and obvious, than in the extremely confused, deliberately misinformed and profiteering field of substance addiction and the rehabilitation of alcoholics and drug addicts.

SECOND Difference

Psychiatrists, psychologists, politicians and police, etc., assign a large variety of reasons as to why an individual becomes an addict.

They blame the addict, “peer pressure”, wanting a “thrill” or a “high”, irresponsibility, lawlessness, recklessness, criminal inclination, & numerous other “possible” causes.

But for centuries medicine, alcohol and drugs have been used to solve problems, and that is still the reason for their usage today.

For certain heart problems we take aspirin, for a headache or a toothache, we take paracetamol or some other pain-killer, for the problem of travel sickness we take another tablet, for the problem caused by a shock or family loss we are prescribed Valium or another “benzo” drug, and to solve shyness or anxiety many take spirit alcohol or another chemical stimulant, etc., etc.

Dr. and pill

In fact, Mary Wakefield the Deputy Editor of the “Spectator” once commented that the pharmaceutical industry has grown into possibly the largest industry in the world by manufacturing and marketing “A Pill for Every Ill”.

“Drugs solve problems”—or so we are told from an early age, not only by the psycho-pharms, but also by Grandma, Dad and Mum, our local doctor and even the local pub barman.

It is therefore not at all surprising to find Ron Hubbard pointing out that any individual provably decides or agrees to take an addictive substance IN ORDER TO SOLVE WHAT THAT INDIVIDUAL CONSIDERS A PROBLEM OF SURVIVAL IN HIS OR HER DAILY LIFE OR ENVIRONMENT.


But strangely enough, all forms of addiction rehabilitation EXCEPT NARCONON basically consider drugs as “a problem” which doctors believe can only be solved with some form of medication. But Ron Hubbard didn’t, and Narconon doesn’t.

A solution is an action adopted by individuals to handle some worrying situation in their life.

Those who have done some life improvement training will know that solutions come under the heading of a self-determined change. A solution is not something forced on the individual.

Happy friends

So the second difference is that Narconon recognizes that the initial cause of addiction is the desire of an individual to solve a problem in his or her life with a solution which the individual believes or is advised involves using an addictive substance. Bear in mind that even the taking of drugs to achieve a “thrill” or a “high”, is actually a solution to the problem of suffering a life which has NO thrills or highs.

Read the full articles series to find out in which other ways the Narconon programme is very different from other forms of rehabilitation.


E. Kenneth Eckersley

Born 12 October,1927 in Liverpool, England. Former Local Council Chairman and Retired Magistrate and Justice of the Peace. Founded the Society for an Addiction Free Existence (SAFE) in 1974 followed by Addiction Recovery Training Services (ARTS) and Addiction Withdrawal Advisory Services & Help (AWASH) all of which are not-for-profit community support groups where Ken Eckersley is the C.E.O. Ken insists that: The only sane, humane and viable definition for RECOVERY from Drink and Drug Addiction Starts With: “A lasting return from the debased state of addiction victim - to the natural condiion of relaxed abstinence into which 99% of the population is born.“